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Van-Vitamino 16500

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Liquid condition preparation with vitamins and amino acids

Complementary feed for pigeons.

  • Has a positive effect on the endurance and brings in condition.
  • Increases the recovery of energy and build-up of energy reserves.
  • Supports the metabolism and the muscle function.
  • Contributes to the build-up of proteins. 

Directions for use:

1 tablespoon per litre of water or ½ kg of feed:

  • During the racing season: for short distance, the day before basketing, long distance and very long distance, 2 days before basketing. The day after the race 1 day for fast recovery.
  • In case of reduced condition and during the breeding season: 1 to 2 days per week.
  • During the moulting season: 1 day per week.

Increased effect in combination with Vanasept Nature 12500.

Shake before use - Store in a dark and cool place.

Analytical constituents: Crude proteins 0 % - crude fat 0 % - crude fibre 0 % - crude ash 0,1 % - humidity 86 % - lysine 1500 mg/l - methionine 1800 mg/l - sodium 0,1 %.

Samenstelling/ Composition/ Zusammensetzung: Glycerine/Glycérine/Glyzerin, propyleenglycol/ propylene glycol/Propylenglykol/ propylene glycol.

Toevoegingsmiddelen/ Additifs/Zusatzstoffe/Additives/: Nutritionele toevoegingsmiddelen/Additifs nutritionnels/ Ernährungsphysiologische Zusatzstoffe/Nutritional additives: Vitaminen en provitamines/Vitamines et provitamines /Vitamine und Provitamine/Vitamins and provitamins: Choline chloride/chlorure de choline/ Cholin Chlorid (3a390) ((gelijktijdige toediening met drinkwater waaraan cholinechloride is toegevoegd, moet worden vermeden/administration simultanée de l'eau potable à laquelle le chlorure de choline a été ajouté, est à éviter/ Gleichzeitige Verabreichung  mit Trinkwasser zu dem Cholinchlorid hinzugefügt wurde, ist zu vermeiden/ simultaneous administration with drinking water to which choline chloride has been added, is to be avoided ): 8000 mg/l,Vitamin(e) B3 (3a315 Nicotinamid(e)) 2000 mg/l, Vitamin(e) C (E300L-ascorbinezuur/ acide L- ascorbique/L-Ascorbinsäure/L-ascorbic acid) 1000 mg/l, Vitamin(e) B1 (3a820 thiaminehydrochloride/ thiamin hydrochloride/ Thiaminhydrochlorid) 1000 mg/l, Vitamin(e) B6 (3a831 pyridoxinehydrochloride/chlorhydrate de pyridoxine/Pyridoxinhydrochlorid /pyridoxine hydrochloride)1000 mg/l, Vitamin(e) E (3a700 all-rac-alpha-tocoferylacetaat)/ acétate de all-rac-alpha-tocophérol/ all-rac-alpha-Tocopherylacetat/ all-rac-alpha-tocopheryl acetate) 620 mg/l, L-Carnitin(e) (3a910) 500 mg/l, Vitamin(e) B2 (Riboflavin(e)) 200 mg/l, Vitamin(e) K3 (3a710 Menadion(e)/ménadione sodium bisulphite) 200 mg/l, Vitamin(e) A (3a672a Retinylacetate/rétinol acetate) 1.100.000 I.U./l, Vitamin(e) D3 (E671 Cholecalciferol/cholécalciférol) 150.000 I.U./l, Vitamin(e) B12 (Cyanocobalamin(e) 2500 µg/l, Vitamin(e) H (3a880 biotine/Biotin) 2500 µg/l.

Aminozuren en hun analogen/Acides aminés et leur analogues /Aminosäuren und deren Analoga/Amino acids and their analogues: L-Threonin(e) 1800 mg/l, L-Tryptofaan/Tryptophan(e) 20 mg/l.

Sensoriële toevoegingsmiddelen/Additifs sensoriels/Sensorische Zusatzstoffe/Sensory additives: Alfalfa (Medicago Sativa) tinctuur/tincture/Tinktur/tincture: 5 ml/l, Glycin(e) 2000 mg/l,L-Arginin(e) 1400 mg/l, L-Isoleucin(e) 600 mg/l, L-Valin(e) 500 mg/l,

L-Glutaminezuur/acide L-glutamique/ L- Glutaminsaüre/L-Glutamin acid 500 mg/l, L-Asparagin(e) 500 mg/l, L-Alanin(e) 500 mg/l, L-Histidin(e) 400 mg/l, L-Phenylalanin(e) 200 mg/l, L-Leucin(e) 200 mg/l, L-Serin(e) 20 mg/l.

500ml - net

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