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Van-Oilmix 10500

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Energy-rich oil mix

Energy-rich oil mix - Supplement animal feed for pigeons.

Essential poly-unsaturated fatty acids such as linoleic acid (Omega-6-fatty acid) and linolenic acid (Omega-3 fatty acid).

  • Reinforces the resistance.
  • Enhances a shiny plumage.
  • Improves condition, increases energy and fat reserves.
  • Stimulates the mating urge and has a positive influence on fertility.
  • Prevents muscle fatigue.

Directions for use:

1 tablespoon per kg of feed:

  • During the flight season: once a week, with Vanergy 13000+, for the long-distance flight: twice a week, with Vanergy 13000+ or Van-Endurance 15500.
  • During the moult: once or twice a week, alternating with Van-Teunisbloemolie (evening primrose oil)13500, and with Vanaplume 14500.
  • During the breeding period: 8 days before mating, thereafter twice a week, alternating with Vanhee Tarwekiemolie 10000 (wheat germ oil)
  • Youngsters: once or twice a week, with Vanergy 13000+ or Vanaplume 14500.

Shake before use.

Composition: Soy oil, peanut oil, sunflower oil, maize oil, linseed oil, wheat germ oil, lecithin, cod-liver oil, rapeseed oil.

Content: 500 ml, liquid.

Units in box: 1
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